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Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through resumes, conducting initial screenings, and chasing down references? Look no further! At First Interview Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that take the stress out of hiring by outsourcing the most time-consuming and tedious steps of the process.

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Our HR Services

First Interview Service was established to help budget-conscious employers make the best hiring decision. The simple truth is this — sourcing and interviewing candidates to fill your critical openings can be a big drain on most businesses and their staff. It’s also disruptive to daily operations and lacks confidentiality. You can use us for any aspect of project.

Normally you know someone is a “NO” in the first few minutes of a personal interview, yet keep going to be courteous, feel stuck or hope they’ll prove you wrong. This is unfair to the candidate and certainly a big waste of your time. Our full service program eliminates many issues and saves you those wasted hours, and sometimes days, out of your busy week interviewing unqualified people.



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Value We Offer You

How we can add value to your organization?

Key Benefits of using the First Interview Services:

1. No additional company payroll expense/benefits hiring a full time or part time HR person.

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Why Assessment Testing?

The MSC PXT Select Software is an assessment system that offers a unique approach to assist organizations in making more informed talent decisions. With their extensive experience and global presence spanning over 30 years, PXT Select has provided support to numerous organizations across different locations.

Traditional hiring methods, which heavily rely on resumes, interviews, performance reviews, and gut instinct, often result in the selection of individuals who may not be the best fit for the role. This can have a negative impact on the organization’s bottom line, as the cost of a wrong hire can amount to up to 30% of an employee’s salary in terms of lost performance and the need for replacement.

North Royalton IT Service – Finding a well-qualified developer with the specialized skills we need is always a challenge. First Interview Service stepped up to the challenge, exceeding all expectations. They were thorough, thoughtful, and able to source, screen, and interview several candidates for us in advance, saving us untold amounts of time. The money we saved can be directed back into growing our business.

Len K. Software Developer

Beachwood Pediatrician – We are very pleased with the candidates that you provided to us, and in such a timely manner. We will not hesitate to call you again if we are ever in need of any office personnel. We could have hired three out of the four candidates. Thank you so much for all you did!

Laurie H. Front Desk Receptionist

Beachwood Payroll Provider – We contracted with First Interview Service to search for an executive with highly specialized technical competence. Joe Baker worked closely with us, taking the time to understand our specific needs and providing insightful guidance. We were surprised at both the quality and speed of the very personalized services we received. First Interview was with us from initial interviews to our final decision, including the offer and hiring process. Most amazingly, because their fees are based on an hourly rate rather than a percent of annual salary, the cost of using First interview’s service was orders of magnitude less expensive than any other outsourced search firm. We could not be more pleased with the results.

Mike R. Digital Media Director of Salesr

Cleveland Industrial Manufacturer – First Interview Service saved us a whole lot of time and energy. They quickly identified the right people and gave us only qualified people to interview face to face. Results: a great hire!

George J. Human Resources Generalist

Lakewood Homecare Provider – We ran an advertisement on a job board and were overwhelmed with the response. The task to screen them all seemed impossible. But once we found and used First Interview Service, we sat back and let them do the busy work of reviewing, screening and asking the key questions we needed asked. We got very good results and will use this service again and again. The cost was very affordable.

Jack K. Outside Sales Representative

Middleburg Heights Chemical Distributor – Our company was hiring a new customer service person, and the last time we had a similar opening we were inundated with hundreds of resumes that caused hours of unproductive time. Using First Interview Service got us the qualified people that matched our needs and saved us time–plus the excellent person we hired. Best money we ever spent.

Cheryl M. Customer Service Rep

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