Why Assessment Testing

The FIS Selection System is an assessment software that offers a unique approach to assist organizations in making more informed talent decisions. With our extensive experience  spanning over 30 years, FIS has provided support to numerous organizations across different locations.

Traditional hiring methods, which heavily rely on resumes, interviews, performance reviews, and gut instinct, often result in the selection of individuals who may not be the best fit for the role. This can have a negative impact on the organization’s bottom line, as the cost of a wrong hire can amount to up to 30% of an employee’s salary in terms of lost performance and the need for replacement.

In today’s information age, candidates have access to various resources such as books and videos offering interview coaching tips. This raises the question of whether organizations are truly selecting the most qualified candidate or simply the one who has been coached to perform well in interviews.

The FIS assessment process, however, provide organizations with an innovative approach to gathering data that can offer a competitive advantage when addressing common challenges related to employees. These assessments focus on three key areas that are determine based on each individual companies determining culture, structure and approach to business.

The Will-Do Assessment evaluates a candidate’s motivation and behavioral traits to determine if they possess the necessary qualities for success in a specific role. It provides valuable insights into a candidate’s work style, interests, and potential fit within the organization’s culture.

The Can-Do Assessment examines a candidate’s cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills to assess their capacity to excel in the role. It evaluates critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, enabling organizations to gauge an individual’s potential for success in specific job responsibilities.

The Want-To-Do Assessment explores a candidate’s level of engagement and interest in the job. It helps organizations understand the candidate’s level of enthusiasm and commitment to the role, reducing the risk of hiring someone who may become disengaged or dissatisfied in the long run.

By combining these assessments, the FIS Process offers organizations a comprehensive view of candidates and aids in identifying potential gaps within the current team. This valuable information can guide organizations in making informed decisions related to hiring, development, and succession planning.

In summary, the FIS Selection Process is designed to help organizations build high-performing workforces by ensuring that the right individuals are placed in the right roles. By utilizing this unique assessment system, organizations can gather actionable data to make more accurate talent decisions, ultimately enhancing overall performance.

We help you choose the right candidate so you can make better hiring decisions … Assessing your candidates will help you choose the right person for the job.

All reports are written with hiring managers in mind. Straightforward language and graphs illustrate key candidate qualities. Get to know your candidates before you hire them.

Job fit scores show you where candidates hit or miss job targets. Quickly assess risk and see how mismatches could potentially impact job performance.

Interview guide help you confidently assess candidate job fit. Questions are tailored to each candidate and help you elicit candid answers.

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